Monday, June 12, 2006

Books and Politics

I rarely watch TV these days, but today I felt compelled to flick through the channels. I managed to catch channel 6's interview with Mary Landrieu, who was discussing the Gulf Coast Protection Act (S.2420). This act will ensure that coastal states get their fair share of gas and oil revenue.

Representative Jindal also made an appearance to talk about his Domestic Energy Production through Offshore Exploration and Equitable Treatment of State Holdings Act of 2006 (H.R. 4761), which will ensure that we get two billion a year in royalties of energy produced offshore. He also talked briefly about the Emergency Spending Act, which is going to the house soon. Apparently, military leaders are desperate for the funds, which means that we won't have to worry about the house voting against it, or Bush vetoing it.

I only wish that we had this money before this hurricane season.

I went to Border's for the first time in about a month. Some people have alcohol, others drugs. My secret vice is books. I can not go into a bookstore without making some sort of purchase, and usually I end up spending twice as much as I intended to. As a result, my room has become an almost impenetrable fortress of books; messy stacks of books cover the floor of most of my living space. I've got a bag of used books that I purchased in a spending spree at Kaboom Book's during the school year and haven't had the time to touch. Hopefully, I'll remedy that soon.

Earlier in the summer, I vowed to read a book every day for the entire summer. In addition to that, I read a chapter of Creationism's Trojan Horse every evening, a rather thick hardcover book that would be impossible to read in just 24 hours. Unfortunately, right after Dystopian Week (I read everything from Lois Lowry to Ray Bradbury), I was struck with terrible migraines that just would not go away. After switching from Fioricen to Relpax, I'm doing all right, but I still haven't gotten back into my regular book reading schedule.

Today, I purchased three books: Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over For Bush, Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, and Dispatches from the Edge. Hopefully, these books will be enough to get me back into my regular reading schedule.

I'm still valiantly fighting for custody of one of the cars on Monday, June 26th. Anderson Cooper will be at the local Borders, signing copies of Dispatches from the Edge. Yet another reason to get back onto my regular reading schedule...


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