Friday, September 01, 2006

Re: The Landrieus

July and August have proven to be busy months for me, and I'm only just beginning to tread back into the blogging wading pool. My apologies for being absent for so long over the summer. As we draw closer to the November elections, I foresee myself writing more frequent, wordier entries.

I am sad to have missed the Rising Tide Conference; I've looked forward to putting faces to the blogs I've so frequently read, but as always, something came up and I wasn't able to make it. A shame, because I would have liked to have been present for the Landrieu-bashing scene I've heard so much about.

While on the topic of the Landrieus, I'll soon be writing a paper on the family for my Advanced Non-Fiction Writing course. While the Louisiana blogosphere has done a fantastic job in the past months in explaining why exactly they like the Landrieus (particularly before and after the mayoral election), I understand little about those who dislike them. Some people seem to dislike the Landrieu because of Moon Landrieu's welfare reform (which I know little about); others seem to claim that Mary Landrieu was incompetent after Katrina (though she co-sponsored more Katrina-specific bills than her republican counterpart--who was under far less fire than she); but still, the most popular theory seems to be that the Landrieus have too much power in the positions they hold and that they are using it to their own advantage (has anyone ever found any such allegations true?). If anyone can shed more light on the reason for the local animosity against the Landrieu family (or can otherwise dispute some of the commonly-made claims), please feel free to share it with me; I hope by understanding their arguments, I might be able to refute them in my paper.

My professor suggested that I contact Mary Landrieu's office for further biographical information on the senator, and recommended that I consider contacting Mitch for an interview. However, after my last up-close and personal experience with a politician, I'm a little reluctant to schedule an interview with anyone in politics--even those that I find myself sympathizing with.

So, if anyone in the blogosphere would be willing to do an interview--either over the phone or in person--regarding the Landrieu family or the Landrieu family politics, please leave a comment. Personal experiences are warmly welcomed. If you know anyone else who might be interested in shedding some light on the Landrieus, please forward them to this entry. Thanks a million.

Olbermann aptly says what I've been trying to relate for months.